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2022/09/10 22:01

Collection AW22/23 - Stopover, Trippen

コレクション秋冬22/23 - ストップオーバー、トリッペン

We have found ourselves in the strange environment of an unplanned ‘stopover’. 


Although one might see an interruption like this as a waste of time, or useless, we invite you into a blank space. 

中断とも言えるこの状況は、ともすると時間の無駄のようにも思えます。 しかし私たちはこのコレクションで、空白のスペースへとあなたをいざないます。

A space that provides the freedom to fantasize, and to escape from the frantic, continuous need to move forward, from the constant input that comes at us from every direction. 


A stopover gives us a new perspective, as if we were putting our head underwater. 


When under water, your perception of the surroundings is altered. Your body is weightless, sounds are muffled, and the dulled senses give our creativity the space to move freely. 


What one finds in the abstraction is like the ‘blank-leaving’ in Chinese ink wash paintings; the picture not only shows the things that are painted, but also leaves the empty space between. 


Within the pause of an empty space, let us follow the flow of air, allowing our imaginations to reveal new imagery. 


In this new collection we invite you to float, to humbly contemplate change, to get a bit dizzy, and to possibly allow a few new ideas to take hold.


Brownie limited 「 INTENT M」- AW22/23, Trippen